Bible Studies:
We welcome and encourage anyone to attend one (or more) of the Bible Studies we offer.
Bible studies are a great way to strengthen your knowledge of the Bible.  At the same time, you have an opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions with others who have the same passion for the Bible as you do.
Below are the current Bible studies being offered at Beautiful Savior.  Each Bible study is approximately 1 hour long and does not require you to be there every week.  Come as often as it fits your schedule. 
“Life’s Big Questions: God’s Big Answer”
10:15 am Sundays
* Fellowship Hall *
Leader: Pastor Chris
“Life in Christ:
Rooted, Woven & Grafted into God’s Story”
7 pm Tuesdays
* Fellowship Hall *
Leader: Pastor Chris
“Pursing Contentment
– Women’s Bible Study –
9 am Thursdays
* Room 113 *
Leader: Donna Ceroll

Are You Ready To Defend Your Faith?
If someone asked you why you were Christian, what would you say?  Would you say you’re a Christian because you were raised that way, or would you say you’re a Christian because you just believe it?  Do you have a good defense for why you believe what you do?

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the apostle Peter writes: “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,” (1 Peter 3:15).

We believe, teach and confess that no one can come to or remain in the faith without the power of the Holy Spirit, so we give all glory to God, who works faith through the means of Word and Sacrament.  But there is another part to why you are a Christian.  You are a Christian because Christianity is true.  How can you defend that statement?

Join us in the upcoming weeks as we will explore the book “Life’s Big Questions – God’s Big Answers” by Brad Alles.  Copies of the book will be available at church or through Amazon for $9.99.

Topics covered include “what is a worldview,” “does evolution explain the world,” “is the Bible true,” “what about dinosaurs,” “did Jesus really exist,” and many more.

Everyone welcome!  No need to attend every Sunday – come as works your schedule.

“Life in Christ: Rooted, Woven and Grafted into God’s Story”.  Reading and understanding the Bible can be difficult, even for lifelong Christians. Perhaps you even have trouble connecting your personal life to the family lineages, narratives, and parables from Christ’s teaching.  Rev. Dr. Adam T. Filipek, pastor of Holy Cross and Immanuel Lutheran Churches, in Lidgerwood, ND, help us to understand how your life story—yes, your story today—is interwoven with the life of Christ in the Bible. Piece together each of the narratives in the Old and New Testaments to see how God has grafted your life onto the beautiful saving life of Christ.

Life in Christ will take you through the Bible chronologically, giving you an important overview of the historical retellings so that you can understand the timeline of His Word. See how God is working in your day-to-day through each of the Gospel books. As you piece together how these narrative threads are woven into one big picture, you will also see that the faith and Church are not about the individuals, but rather, it’s forever pointing back to the story of God’s Son and His sacrifice for humanity. 
NOTE:  This study meets at 7 pm every Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall and is open to both men and women.
Beginning May 2, we will begin a new study “Pursuing Contentment”.  All too often life falls short of our expectations and happiness seems just out of reach.  We face disappointments, disarray, delays, and drawbacks. We want to be the kind of women who exude serene calmness, cheerfulness, and  acceptance even in the midst of trials and difficult situations, but that is hard to do!

In Pursuing Contentment, you will explore what the Bible says about true contentment how it is a skill to be learned.  You can break old habits and patterns of thinking and choose to be grateful in all circumstances. You can say, like the apostle Paul, “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content” (Philippians 4:11).  You can cultivate contentment in your heart. 

Register today to make sure a book is ordered for you.  Cost of the book will be less than $10.
All women are welcome to join.  Contact the church office or Donna Ceroll (701) 640-5847 if you have questions or are interested in joining the group.
NOTE:  This study meets at 9 am every Thursday in Room 113.
“The Chosen” Bible Study
Sunday evenings 5:45pm
* Fellowship Hall * 
Leader:  Pastor Chris

Note:  Currently not meeting until the next season is available on DVD.

See the Bible come to life through “The Chosen” video series.  We are currently watching season three and watch one episode each week followed by a brief discussion.  Bring a dish to share and we will have a potluck meal starting at 5:45 pm, watch the nightly episode at 6 pm, discussion at 7 pm and end our discussions by 7:30 pm each week in the fellowship hall.  Bring your family and friends for a night of fellowship and faith.
Please note: You do not need to attend every week.