Bible Studies:
We welcome and encourage anyone to attend one (or more) of the Bible Studies we offer.
Bible studies are a great way to strengthen your knowledge of the Bible.  At the same time, you have an opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions with others who have the same passion for the Bible as you do.
Below are the current Bible studies being offered at Beautiful Savior.  Each Bible study is approximately 1 hour long and does not require you to be there every week.  Come as often as it fits your schedule. 
“Love and Life for All”
9:30 am Sundays
* Fellowship Hall *
Leader: Pastor Chris
“Celebrating the Saints
7 pm Tuesdays
* Fellowship Hall *
Leader: Pastor Chris
“Praying the Psalms
– Women’s Bible Study –
9 am Thursdays
* Fellowship Hall *
Leader: Shirley Elsner
Our society often devalues God’s gift of life, diminishing the personhood and dignity of those considered undesirable or an inconvenience.  This includes – but is not limited to – the unborn, the severely handicapped, the infirm, the helpless and the aged.  How can the church welcome, protect and love those whom society would rather discard? In the coming weeks, Sunday morning Bible study will be “Love and Life for All.”  It will consider God’s precious gift of life, Christ’s redeeming sacrifice to bring all eternal life and our role in sharing God’s love with and defending those whom society would rather forget.
Everyone welcome!  No need to attend every Sunday – come as works your schedule.

How much do you know about figures from Christian history like Emperor Constantine, Polycarp or Anselm? What about lesser-known people from the Bible such as Silas,       Matthias (not Matthew) or Simon  the Zealot?  Throughout history, God has delivered His people by demonstrating His goodness, mercy and grace.  In the forgiveness of sins in Christ alone, God’s people are rightly called saints.  Intertwined with the Lord’s story are those who are His.  Join us to see God working   remarkably in the lives of His people.


NOTE:  This study will meet at 7 pm every Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall.
On March 23, we will begin a new study “Praying the Psalms” which will meet in-person at the church.

“Praying the Psalms” will help you to learn how to openly express the full range of emotions – joy, anger, distress, hope and trust – to God. 

All women are welcome to join.  Contact the church office or Shirley Elsner (701) 388-9521 if you have questions or are interested in joining our group.
Married Couple
Small Group Bible Study
Meets 1 Thursday each month
Leader:  Pastor Brian 
Men’s Bible Study
Meets 1 Monday each month
* Room 103 *
Leader:  Pastor Brian 
“The Chosen” Bible Study
Sunday evenings 6:30pm
* Fellowship Hall * 
Leader:  Pastor Chris
We will be taking a look at what God’s Word has to say about marriage and why it is still so relevant today!
Watch church announcements for dates.
Enjoy fellowship with other men from our church and learn what the Bible says about the vocation God has given us.
Watch church announcements for dates.
See the Bible come to life through “The Chosen” video series.  We will be watching one episode each week followed by a brief discussion. Popcorn will be provided.  We meet on Sundays at 6:30 pm, in the fellowship hall.  Bring family and friends for a night of fellowship and faith.  Please note: You do not need to attend every week.