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We currently have in-person worship services on Wednesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 9 am.  The Wednesday service is the same worship service as the upcoming Sunday service.
Please note:  Social distancing and face masks are encouraged.  If you are sharing a pew with another person, please leave space between you and another person who is not your family member.  If you are unable to social distance, masks are recommended.
At this time, we will continue to broadcast our Sunday worship service for those who are vulnerable, sick or not yet ready to worship in-person. 
The Beautiful Savior pastors and church council would encourage you to contact either pastor or the church office if you have any spiritual concerns, prayers or are wanting a pastoral visit.  You may also contact a pastor to schedule an appointment for private communion.
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Please note that you can find the corresponding Bulletin (for services in the past month) under the “Worship” tab if you would like to read along.