Worship Service Signup:  (Discontinued)
With the addition of overflow seating that is now available in the fellowship hall, you will no longer need to sign up to attend the Holy Week (Apr 1, 2 & 4) worship services.  The fellowship hall is available to sit in during services since you can now both see and hear the service from in there.  Social distancing and Masks are recommended within the church building (even during services).
Following are the worship service times for Holy Week:
Maundy Thursday:  April 1 @ 7 pm
Good Friday:  April 2 @ 7 pm

Easter Sunday:  April 4 @ 8:15, 9:30 and 10:45 am

The current COVID 19 guidelines require that all people within the building are able to socially distance their family units from others during any events, including worship services.  In order to comply with the CDC guidelines and to allow people to attend services without signing up, Beautiful Savior has updated their fellowship hall audio/video equipment in order to be able to both see and hear the worship service while sitting in there.
Please note:
 – In the sanctuary:
       Please seat yourself to allow for social distancing.
Masks are recommended (even during services).
 – In the fellowship hall:
There should only be one family unit per table.  
Masks are recommended (even during services).